SINCE - 2014

Advanced Technology Specialists

Corporation 9, recognized for modernization solutions through advanced technologies that draws together leading intellects, problem solvers, and an approach for pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. We’re going beyond the expected - to build the future of tomorrow.

Corporation 9’s virtual, physical, and social technology exploration centres allow a complete and unique turnkey approach to intelligence based data, security, and development.

Our core competencies include Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR) and Cyber-Physical Security (CPS).

Our commercial focus is on partnerships, joint-ventures, product development and some security related consulting services which are provided on-request.

Our core skill-set is idea and IP generation, think of it like an advanced technologies think-tank.



Before starting Corporation 9, M worked as an Operational Security Specialist at IKEA, Security R&D at IBM and as a senior penetration tester & researcher at SecureLink.

M regularly speaks at industry events, lectures on Industrial and offensive security and competes in legal, competitive hacking events (CTFs) against teams from the likes of Google, Microsoft and Tencent. In 2017/18 he completed two cyber security research projects that were so groundbreaking the insight and data was picked up by the likes of the BBC, The Register and Fox with associated print, radio and tv media interviews as-well as achieving top 50 VIP researcher status on open bug bounty and discovering two 0-days, one affecting national security.

In 2018 he built two tech start-ups from the ground up to achieve a combined valuation of over £3.6M in just 10 months. In 2019 Matthew sold his stakes to acquire exclusive and full rights to IP from previous start-ups and joint-ventures to make Corporation 9 the technology powerhouse it is fast becoming.