Advanced Technology Experts

A Leading Innovation & Technology Company, Since 2013.

Corporation 9 provides a full range of service in advanced technology sectors.

The world is changing faster than ever before, business is no exception. Industries are threatened as technology disrupts and software “eats the world.” Those that embrace change are thriving, building bigger, better, faster, and stronger products than ever before. You are helping to lead the charge; we can help you build on your past successes and prepare for future.



Our high quality research has been featured by the likes of CNN, BBC and Vice.

Domain Experts

Our expert consultants are best-in-class and experts in their chosen domains.


Innovation is at the core of what we do, we don't just keep up with the times - we lead the way.

World's Leading Industry Corporation!

Providing Innovative & Sustainable Solutions

As a diversified construction management, design-build, and general contracting firm, Corporation 9 Group is recognized as one of the World's leading Industry and Manufacturing

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